5c. Promote diversity & cultural awareness


In substandard 5C, coaches utilize technology to promote diversity, cultural understanding, and global awareness. This interaction may include students, peers, parents, and others. Technology is a wonderful tool for expanding the four walls of the classroom.

In my first piece of evidence, I present a Google Classroom “hack” that allows PLCs, departments, and even schools as a whole to communicate and collaborate in real-time. Google Classroom is an ideal tool for sharing resources and experiences in order to combat the silo effect that is so often seen in education.

In my other piece of evidence, I reflect on my experiences with coaching teachers outside of my own school. One teacher was located in a different state while the other was in a whole different country. Possibilities like this exist only because of technology.

Evidence: Google Classroom for Staff and PLC Communication and Collaboration

Technology is an obvious asset when considering ways to asynchronously collaborate. Google Classroom is traditionally seen as a digital classroom, but it actually can be a creative and easy way to communicate and collaborate within departments, between PLCs, or even as a school-wide community. 

This Google Classroom “hack” streamlines the collaboration and communication process while allowing teachers to access or input information asynchronously. It would promote ongoing collaboration and work to break down the silo effect between classrooms. To demonstrate how I envision this collaboration happening, I created a sample Classroom and made the following screencast overview.

For more on using Google Classroom as a tool for communication and collaboration, please see my post using the link below.

Evidence: Tips for Success with Long-Distance Coaching

Throughout the course of the MEd program, I’ve had the opportunity to coach two teachers from very different backgrounds. My first coaching experience was with an elementary school teacher in California. She and I collaborated on an end of novel task that incorporated elements of Project Based Learning. Further outside of my comfort zone was an experience with a teacher at an international school in China. For this project, we came up with interactive Google Slides to support her Pre-K students in developing typing schools.

After reflecting on various successes and failures in my coaching, I created the infographic below.